tie-down Solution

The Strap Jacket provides a safe and reliable way to ensure that your securely strapped load remains that way.

Tie-Down straps are an amazing device that make life easier every day. They strongly secure many different types of loads including motorcycles, kayaks, construction materials, and furniture.

In order for these straps to do the safest and best job they must remain fastened in place, and stay clean and free from damage.

There are three major challenges that using these straps present:


  1. Straps come in varying lengths and rarely is every load the same size. There is almost always excess webbing that hangs out of the buckle and it is a headache to secure. Many people cut the strap to a specific size decreasing its usefulness. Some tie it in knots, zip-tie, or tape the excess strap to anything to keep it from blowing dangerously in the wind as the load moves down the road. This is often frustrating to undo later and can lead to strap damage.

  2. Loose straps can get caught under a moving vehicle or trailer wheel and severely damage the strap and the load it is securing. The whipping motion of the loose strap also can cause damage to the strap itself or the load. These loose straps gets dirty and this leads to premature wear of the webbing strap.

  3. Another very common challenge with tie down straps is what to do with them when they are not in use? Many people resort a bucket or box in the garage or under the seat of their truck. This always leads to a tangled, knotted frustrating webbing mess every time. Some people leave them in the bed of their truck and they get wet and dirty and sooner or later will fail when in use.


The Strap Jacket solves all of these issues in one small, lightweight, and inexpensive package.


The Strap Jacket very simply feeds on to the webbing strap anywhere on the strap. All excess webbing safely secures inside the design and then secures to itself for a small and secure solution to loose straps that stays in place when in use and easily opens to release webbing when load is being released.


The Strap Jacket also assists in gaurding your straps from road dirt, water, snow and ice.

When use of the tie down strap is complete The Strap Jacket stays secure on the webbing. The buckle, all webbing, and load hooks easily fits within the pocket of the device containing all parts in a clean, secure, tangle free way that allows easy storage and quick access when the strap is needed for the next use.

You will never have to look for The Strap Jacket to do its job because it stays attached to your straps at all times.


The Strap Jacket will lead to safer use of your straps, less frustration in storing your straps, and longer overall life of your straps while protecting them both when in use and when being stored.


The Strap Jacket will protect your loads and straps making sure your load is Safe and Secure.

The Strap Jacket Tie-Down Tied In A Knot
The Strap Jacket Tie-Down Excess Strap Control Neat Dirtbike
The Strap Jacket Tie-Down Excess Strap Control Closed