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tie-down storage Solution

Tie-Down Straps that are not in use are almost always stored in a box,

bucket, the back of a truck, or they might be lost altogether.

They are usually in knots, frustrating, dirty, and you may question how

durable they are because of how they have been "stored".

The Strap Jacket solves this problem.

Each Tie-Down Strap deserves it's own safe, secure place to live and be found.

The Strap Jacketensures your Tie-Down Straps will be clean, tangle free,

and ready to hold down your load in moments.

The Strap Jacket Box of Tie-Down Straps Messy
The Strap Jacket Tie-Down Strap Storage Open
The Strap Jacket Tie-Down Strap Storage Closed
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