Gymnastic Ring Solution

The Strap Jacket solution for excess gymnastic ring strap webbing is simple yet effective.

Creating a safer and less frustrating training envorinoment is the mission and The Strap Jacket has it covered.

Whether you are a competitive gymnast, Crossfit beast, or just thinking about hanging up some rings in your garage, the problem still exisits. Once the rings are set up they must be adjusted to the athlete or specific exercise being performed. This leads to a need for enough webbing strap to accomodate these adjustments. Most ring set-ups don't provide a bulletproof solution for what to do with the excess webbing.

Loose webbing on the ring apparatus can cause a few different consistently annoying and potentially dangerous problems.

1. Distraction of the athlete due to the excess webbing getting in the way of movement.

2. Damage to the strap itself by using tape, tie-bands, or knots to keep excess webbing secured.

3. Inferior securing of the strap can lead to them coming loose mid workout.

4. Unwanted changing of the length of set-up due to excess webbing being pulled or buckle being bumped during movement.

5. Increase in clutter or tripping and movement hazards in workout area or gym.

The Strap Jacket can be used to completely solve all these problems. It can be installed over the buckle if desired and can contain all webbing and then be moved out of the way of the athlete.

It can also be used for the webbing alone to allow adjustment of the buckle without opening The Strap Jacket.

The Strap Jacket comes in a pair so you only need one set per set of rings. The Strap Jacket will keep the straps where they should be and allow for any level athlete to boost their performance in a safer and more protected way.

The Strap Jacket Gymnastic CrossFit Ring Strap Control Messy
The Strap Jacket Gymnastic CrossFit Ring Strap Control